• “I am an 80 year old woman so you can imagine that I have accumulated a few things over the years, and even duplicates or more of the same items.  During a visit Bridget discussed her passion for helping others with organizing their homes to live clutter free. I was more than excited to have her get started and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made.  She was extremely professional and respectful of my things and my wishes which made me very happy and satisfied with the results.  I would recommend that if you have been wanting this done in your home or office, contact Bridget immediately, you will be very glad you did. Thank you Bridget!”


  • Bridget has helped me with several different projects at my home. She was very thorough and she offered suggestions/advice for better ways to stay organized. She organized my closets, pantry, bathrooms, bedrooms, shes’s done it all! The other thing about working with Bridget that is so great, is she is so happy when she is cleaning and organizing. You can tell this is truly her passion and she loves helping people come home to a clean home. The last project she assisted me with was when I was relocating to another state. She came in and took charge with some of the packing room by room. On the day of the move a lot of “stuff” was left behind with unwanted items and was left in disarray. I moved out of state but I did so knowing that Bridget would take care of it and I didn’t even have to worry about it because I know she was going to deliver. When the property management company took pictures to post it online as an available pace to rent it was so clean my house looked brand new! You will be extremely satisfied with the final product of whatever project she assists you with.

         – Ricquel

  • I have lived in my house for over 20 years. As you can imagine my closets were stuffed to the brim. Bridget came in like a Ninja turtle. She cleaned, she tossed and she organized. She was absolutely wonderful! I have recommended her to all of my friends.  

        – Cynthia

  • “I learned of Bridget while speaking with a business associate whom she was doing some organizing work for. As a small business owner with a very busy and bustling work environment there is very little time to purge and organize the vast amount of files and paperwork that is produced on a daily basis. My office and the storage room was in dire need of some serious purging and organizing. Bridget came in and “did her thing”. From personnel files to taxes and important county paperwork, she purged, organized, created files with labels and systematically filed everything. She even created folders on the server and organized the files there as well. She totally transformed the storage room such that we could now walk around in the room. I am still amazed at how with such a modest investment I’ve received such great returns. I highly recommend business owners in need of some purging and organizing to hire Bridget!


  • I highly recommend Clutter Free At Last to anyone wanting to be free of the stronghold clutter can have on their life. Clutter Free At Last is the answer. As a full-time worker and graduate student things were piling up, leaving me feeling like I was sinking in quicksand and distressed. I truly needed help and Bridget came to my rescue. I utilized Bridget’s services and I felt so free afterwards. It was very liberating to have my space back and to be able to function like a normal person. I could finally breathe and no longer felt a stronghold over my life. The piles were gone and I had a fresh start.

        – Jennifer


  • My messy, unorganized, and cluttered closet was a definite sign of imbalance in my life. So many times I attempted to clean up my bedroom closet, only to create a bigger mess with clothes, shoes, and purses thrown into plastic bins that took up way too much space.

    Bridget not only reorganized my closet, she helped bring some order to my life. My closet is now a room I actually enjoy going into. I can clearly see every piece of clothing, all of my shoes, and my purses. I love my new closet! If you are in need of help reorganizing any room in your home, do not hesitate to contact Bridget. She will definitely “show your chaos who’s boss”!

  • I love, love my “new” office! Bridget Wallace, Professional Organizer from ‘Clutter-Free at Last’ did an amazing job!  A family member was using my 2nd desk as a personal dumpster. Worse, I was working out of less than 6 sq. inc. of desk space! This became untenable as I work from home.

    Bridget was very attentive to my concerns of not having enough desk space and suggested using the 2nd desk to make an “L” shape desk area allowing me to have more desk space. She also printed tons of labels & organized and filled a 6 file-cabinet drawers.

    I’m thrilled with Bridget’s transformation. Just days after, I can definitively declare that I’m way more efficient and my mind is more at peace! Bridget also gave me several tips on keeping my new office organized and Clutter Free!